Field Trip with Friends of the Earth (Cyprus)

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On Friday 24th of May 2019, Dr Milto Miltiadou and Efrosyni Antoniou (project director at Friends of the Earth Cyprus) went on an educational field trip aiming to understand potential forest threats, including diseases and fires risks.

The field trip started at the premises of the department of Forests at Platania, where we had the chance to talk with Mr Loizos Loizou, who did not only explained to them Cypriot forest threats, he also provided useful information about the available data that the Department of Forests has collected or collects on regularly. These datasets could be used for future collaborative project on monitoring and protecting forests using remote sensing.

After the meeting with Mr Loizos Loizou, we proceeded to the botanical garden of Troodos. There Mr Antreas explained to us which types of trees we find at different elevation levels, as well as which species are only exist in Cyprus. We further discuss invading foreign species (e.g. akakia) that the department of forests is managing.

The organisation of the field trip was organised by Friends of the Earth Cyprus as it was planned at proposal stage.


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